To be the irrigation development authority responsible for the provision of all irrigation engineering services at the utmost level of transparency, accountability and professionalism  to the benefit of all irrigation stakeholders and sustainable economic development of Zimbabwe


To have all exploitable water resources utilized for irrigation using the best water saving technologies


The department is responsible for the overall planning, designing, and construction, sustainable operation, maintenance and management of irrigation schemes, irrigation research and provision of irrigation engineering, advisory and regulatory services to irrigation clientele. 

Functions of the Department

  1. formulation and enforcement of the National Irrigation Policy
  2. formulation and enforcement of Irrigation Act
  3. formulation and enforcement of National Standards in Irrigation Development
  4. the overall planning of irrigation programmes
  5. Assist farmers in preparing feasibility and project documents for accessing funds for irrigation development from commercial banks
  6. Sustainable operation and maintenance of irrigation
  7. Assisting communal and resettlement farmers in  establishing  irrigation infrastructure
  8. Assisting model A1 and A2 commercial farmers in establishing irrigation infrastructure
  9. Work with private sector, multilateral institutions donors and non-governmental organisations in irrigation development   
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