Planning Branch

  • Overall coordination of planning of irrigation development nationally
  • Identification of new large irrigation projects
  • Carrying out topographical surveys, soil surveys, and socio-economic surveys
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments of irrigation projects
  • Production of irrigation designs and feasibility reports
  • Development, adaptation and enforcement of irrigation design standards
  • Developing and maintaining national database on irrigation development in Zimbabwe

Development Branch

  • Production of detailed designs, bills of quantities and tender documents
  • Adjudication of tenders
  • Development, adaptation and enforcement of irrigation construction standards
  • Construction of large irrigation projects
  • Contract management and site supervision of contractors
  • Commissioning of irrigation projects

Mechanical and Electrical Branch

  • Maintenance of Department of Irrigation mechanical plant and equipment
  • Design irrigation mechanical installations
  • Design and implement irrigation plant layout
  • Train staff and farmers on irrigation mechanical equipment installations, use, repair and maintenance.
  • Design electrical installations on irrigation schemes
  • Implement all electrical installations on irrigation schemes
  • Train staff and farmers in proper operation of electrical components in the irrigation system.

Water Management Branch

  • Design of irrigation systems for urban, industrial and mining water re-use irrigation systems
  • Implement waste water re-use irrigation schemes
  • Generate guidelines and standards for wastewater irrigation in Zimbabwe
  • Promote proper water management and irrigation scheduling for all irrigation systems
  • Train irrigation water users in water management

Economics Branch

  • Carrying out financial, economic and social appraisal of proposed irrigation projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the socio-economic performance of irrigation projects
  • Provision of training and advice to farmers on irrigation financial and economic matters
  • Creating, updating and maintaining databases on irrigation issues.

Research, Testing and Technology Development (RTTD) Branch.

  • Irrigation research
  • Collaboration with institutions on issues pertinent to irrigation
  • Irrigation equipment testing
  • Irrigation technology development ,adoption/adaptation
  • Development of standards for irrigation equipment testing and performance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Technical performance of irrigation projects

This branch is housed at the Zimbabwe Irrigation Technology Centre (ZITC).

Training Branch

  • Conducting and coordinating irrigation training for farmers and staff
  • Quality control of all training programmes
  • Information dissemination
  • Irrigation technology demonstration.

Provincial Offices

  • Overall co-ordination of provincial irrigation development
  • Planning, designing and construction of small to medium irrigation schemes
  • Operation, repair, maintenance and management of communal irrigation schemes
  • Rehabilitation of A1 and A2 schemes
  • Farmer training in irrigation infrastructure use and management
  • Provision of irrigation engineering services