Farmer training

Produce agricultural graduates capable of delivering agricultural support services in practical farming, research, extension and farmer training.

To promote the development of an efficient, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector that assures food security band increased income through capacitating of farmers by way of availing adequate mechanization and irrigation facilities. The vision recognizes the need to strengthen and expand the emerging opportunities brought about by the land reform Program, and deals with the challenges facing the agricultural sector. This vision strives to contribute to the overall goal of poverty reduction and fulfillment of the millennium development goals.

Core functions
• Agricultural Education;
• Farmer training.

Policy objectives
-Assure national household food security
-Ensuring the maintenance and improvement of the agricultural resource base
-Generate income and employment to maximum feasible levels
-Contribute to sustainable industrial development through the provision of home grown agricultural raw materials and
-Expand significantly the sector’s contribution to the national balance of payment

Overall Policy Statement
In the overall context of consolidating the land reform and redistribution program; Zimbabwe’s agricultural policy shall aim to achieve and sustain food security at both the household and national levels, improve and increase food crop, industrial crop, livestock and horticultural crop production capacity in quantity and quality through the use and application of modern technology, provide for adequate financing infrastructure and working capital for both the farmer and supporting institutions; and preserve the land for future posterity by promoting conservation agriculture. Appropriate legislation will be enacted to further support and strengthen this policy thrust.

The Department of Agricultural Education and Farmer Training is therefore geared towards fulfilling the ministry’s vision, Mission and Policy objectives as outlined hereunder:

To be a leading provider of well trained personnel for the Zimbabwean agricultural sector, SADC region and the rest of the world.

To provide adequate technical training in the science and practice of agriculture at certificate, diploma and higher national diploma levels and also farmers and other clientele involved in agriculture.

To provide youngsters, aspiring agriculturists, farmers and scientists with the right attitude, an appreciation of the importance of the sector, farming knowledge, skills and science in the practice of agriculture in order to:
-provide entrepreneurial and adequately trained personnel capable of steering vibrant agricultural operations in order to achieve sustainable agricultural productivity nationally.
-Build and maintain a pool of skilled, competent and innovative core personnel, capable of meeting the diverse needs of various stakeholders such as producers, processors, marketers, researchers, administrators, planners and other agribusiness experts who drive the agricultural sector towards the attainment of its vision.
-Provide short term training and education to farmers on identified problems and keep them abreast with current development in the sector.
-Have agricultural colleges being centres of excellence in their respective localities.