Agricultural Research, Innovation and Development


To provide research-based technologies, knowledge and information to facilitate a sustainable and viable agricultural sector


To be among the leading agricultural research and services institutions of the world by 2020


  • Scientific integrity and excellence
  • Co-operation and collaboration with relevant institutions
  • Stakeholder focus and sensitivity
  • Honest and ethical behaviour
  • Maintenance of diverse and healthy ecosystems
  • Diverse perspectives and knowledge – traditional, experiential and scientific
  • A desire to learn among staff and stakeholders


Functions of the Department

  • Developing new crop varieties that are adaptable to Zimbabwe’s five agro-ecological zones
  • Providing breeders’ seed to seed houses to support Foundation seed production and subsequently, Certified seed for the market
  • Carrying out research for developing appropriate field and horticultural crop production technologies for use by farmers
  • Packaging and disseminating research-based crop management technologies.
  • Knowledge and information aimed at increasing agricultural productivity in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Collecting, characterizing and conserving plant and crop genetic resources for input into future crop variety development and for propagation and distribution to growers as disease-free clean material.
  • Developing and share technologies on crop produce handling, processing and value addition technologies
  • Providing advisory services on crop management

Division of Livestock and Pastures

Division of Crop Research

Research Division

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