Mission Statement

To provide high quality land survey and mapping products and services

Vision Statement

To provide our valued clients and customers with high quality and needs oriented information, geodetic, cadastral and mapping products

Cadastral Products and Services

The Harare office caters mostly for Mashonaland, Manicaland and Masvingo provinces

  • Prints of diagrams, Working Plans, co-ordinate List and general Plans
  • Compilation data
  • Deductions and Titles Registration.
  • Survey Data searches and prints.
  • Dispatch of approved diagrams and dispensation certificate of state surveys to Local government/Ministry of Lands and Resettlement.
  • Cancellation of Diagrams and general Plans
  • Consultancy.
  • Prints of working Plan, Co-ordinate List and general Plans.
  • Examination of cadastral surveys.
  • Certificate of survey.
  • Co-ordinate Transformations.
  • Certificate of Conversions and Remaining Extents.
  • Survey data Searches and prints.
  • Re-framing of diagrams and/or General Plans
  • Endorsements
  • Quotations for Lost diagrams.
  • Compilation Surveys (Office consolidations)
  • Record Storage
  • Execution of Title Surveys
  • Consultancy

Geodesy products and Services

(15 Coventry Road)


The branch offers the following services and products:-



  • Provision of control
  • Maintenance of the national Geodetic Control Network
  • Standardization of survey equipment, Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) and tapes.
  • Maintenance of Zimbabwe international boundaries
  • Engineering surveys on request.
  • Magnetic surveys.
  • Transformation of co-ordinates
  • Consultancy.



  • Coordinates of Trignometrical beacons and Town Survey Marks (TSM) on Gauss, UTM and Geographical co-ordinate systems.
  • Heights of bench marks (referenced to MSL)
  • TSM locality sketches
  • Reconnaissance reports of trig. Beacons.
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