Strategic Policy Planning and Business Development 1 Legacy Liberation Way Ngungunyana Building Ground Floor Harare 0242-790358


  • Long term planning of agricultural sector investment / development plans and their incorporation into national development plans.
  • Coordinate the formulation of the overall agricultural sector and sub-sector development policies and strategies.
  • Coordinate the development of feasibility studies and identification, appraisal, design and evaluation of all agricultural programmes and joint ventures to be undertaken by Ministry, its departments and parastatals.
  • Conducting strategic analysis of the agriculture sector, and monitor and evaluate all agricultural projects and programmes and maintain an agriculture information management system (AIMS) and knowledge support system (KSS)
  • Advise Management on matters pertaining to bilateral and international trade agreements / commissions such as AU, SADC, COMESA, WTO, ACP, EU, FAO, WORLD BANK, WFP etc.
  • Facilitate investment and business development in agriculture and, marketing and trade of agricultural commodities and maintaining a marketing information system (MIS).
  • Advising and guiding agricultural institutions such as farmers associations, marketing boards on agricultural policy issues.
  • To supervise preparation of papers, memoranda and speeches on issues pertaining to agricultural policy and strategy implementation.
  • To ensure that the staff in the Department is properly trained for the duties they must undertake and that the work is accomplished to a high standard of professional competence and accuracy


Key Performance Area

1.Agriculture Policy and Projects Planning;

2.Agriculture Sector Coordination; and

3.Monitoring and Evaluation of Policy and Project Implementation


Key Performance Area

1.Agric-Business Development and Ease of Doing Business in Agriculture;

2.Agric-Investment Promotion and Facilitation;

3.Agric-Trade Promotion, Facilitation and Regulations;

4.Monitoring Local, Regional and International Agriculture Commodity Markets.

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