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Commamd Agriculture

19 600 Farmers Receive Command Agric Inputs


More than 19 600 farmers have so far received adequate inputs from Government’s specialised import substitution maize (Command Agriculture), the Zanu-PF Politburo heard yesterday.



The More Food for Africa Programme was created by the Brazilian Government to support projects of agrarian development and increase production and productivity on family farms in African countries. This critical role played by Brazilian Government in capacity building of our agricultural sector is highly commended.  The More Food for Africa Programme was launched at the onset of the 2015 winter cropping season which is a positive development and a big boost for our farmers.

The Programme will contribute to the attainment of ZIMASSET targets of increasing functional area under irrigation from 150 000 to 220 000 hectares by 2018. The Programme brings an opportunity of increasing farm machinery and area under irrigation in the Country.

These technological developments are key to increase agricultural production and productivity. However, new technologies always come with a cost of adoption for example capacity development of extension staff. The Ministry has highly trained personnel who shall be advising our farmers on best practices to handle the machinery and equipment.