Press Release: Belarus Mechanization Project September 30th 2020

A $58 million investment that will see over 800 units of farming equipment was confirmed today at a ceremony at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering.
The event was the culmination of a project that began in 2018 when the governments of Belarus and Zimbabwe Governments first agreed to the supply of machinery and equipment for Zimbabwe’s farming and timber industries.
Zimbabwe will benefit from 60 self-propelled grain harvesters, 210 precision seed drills and 474 tractors.
Jobs will also be created for local specialists. Employment opportunities will be available at a full purpose service station that will maintain the vehicles and equipment, there will also be a number of mobile teams that will undertake repairs in the rural regions.
The Belarusian investment will see training for Zimbabwean farmers who will be benefiting from the project. That will include training in Belarus with the country’s leading farming specialists.
Honoury Counsel of Zimbabwe to Belarus, Alex Zingman commented:
“I am delighted this project is now a reality. The investment will help improve productivity in the farming sector and strengthen food security in Zimbabwe.
“The country has and continues to face a multitude of challenges. Recovering from Coronavirus, rebuilding from the devastating floods earlier this year and droughts last year.
“That’s why investments such as this from Belarus are vital and will in supporting Zimbabwe on its new journey.”
The investment is one part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s promise to modernize and revitalize the country’s agriculture industry. An industry that has been in decline over the past two decades.
The Government has also sought to fix the wrongs injustice of the ‘Land Reform Programme’ by offering farmers who were displaced, the opportunity to apply for land to farm again, and agreed to provide a $3.5 billion USD compensation fund.

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