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Commamd Agriculture

19 600 Farmers Receive Command Agric Inputs


More than 19 600 farmers have so far received adequate inputs from Government’s specialised import substitution maize (Command Agriculture), the Zanu-PF Politburo heard yesterday.



 aims for effective agricultural extension by providing competent and credible stuff through in-service training.  It also provides agricultural information through mass media. The  branch is also responsible for curriculum development: training needs analysis, editing, co-ordination of the Master Farmer training and the provision of printing and documentation services to be rest of the department.


Training and training administration- The branch is responsible for facilitating the efficient and effective implementation of internal and external stuff training

Curriculum development- Designing appropriate curricula in-service training of staff and farmers

Audio visual aids- Contribute to the effectiveness of in-service training and extension in Agritex through provision of video and picture  production

Art and graphics- Production of graphics and visual aids to increase the understanding of the  farmers and staff as well as necessary graphics in the text of publications 

Desktop publishing- Writing and editing of publications

Printing publications and information documentations- Provision of timely and consistently printed publications with the informational needs of the farmer, staff and the farming calender

Documentation- Provision of library, information, documentation and dissemination services

Radio programes- Provision of timely and appropriate information on various agricultural activities and technologies through radio programs 

Master farmer training- Provision of Master Farmer Training co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation services

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