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Commamd Agriculture

19 600 Farmers Receive Command Agric Inputs


More than 19 600 farmers have so far received adequate inputs from Government’s specialised import substitution maize (Command Agriculture), the Zanu-PF Politburo heard yesterday.



 promoting and facilitating sustainable horticulture production to optimum levels for food and economic development to all sectors of agriculture through the provision of advisory, technical and extension services

Core functions:

  •       training on market oriented horticulture production
  •       training on handling of surplus produce-processing and value addition
  •       information and appropriate technology dissemination
  •       initiating research of identified problem areas in horticulture production
  •       conducting monitoring and evaluation of horticultural related projects by government, parastals

           and other organisations.


  •        Olericulture" vegetable production"
  •       pomoculture- fruit production
  •        floriculture
  •        herbs and spices
  •        Plantations (tea and coffee)


MR A Mudhefi