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Commamd Agriculture

19 600 Farmers Receive Command Agric Inputs


More than 19 600 farmers have so far received adequate inputs from Government’s specialised import substitution maize (Command Agriculture), the Zanu-PF Politburo heard yesterday.



 Aims for effective agricultural extension by providing crop related extension knowledge to different clientele. The following are the function of the branch Conduct on-farm trials and demonstrations to verify research results as well as promote technology adoptions

Synthesize research recommendations and feed from on-farm work into extension packages for use by field officers

Compile extensions material in the form of advisory notes, fact sheets, fliers and booklets  for stuff and farmers

Identify technical deficiencies and impact of adopted technologies through participatory surveys, observations, reports and visits

Compile and revise resource training manuals

Train field officers on all obligatory and other courses as and when need arise

Establish and develop collaborative links with research stations and other stakeholders (fertiliser, chemical companies, commodity associations etc)

Support knowledge and skills dissemination by attending and participating at field days and shows

Attend to officers and farmers  queries relating to crops

Competition and show judging at both provincial and national levels

Contact Details;

Name of specialist


Phone Number

Mr R. Chihumba

Wheat and Barley

+263 773 523 011

Mrs J. Banana


+263 773 399 631

Mr K. Mabehla

Oil seeds (Groundnuts, Soyabeans, Sunflower)

+263 775 525 997

Ms M. Mupandawana


+263 777 853 104

Mr Mugiyo


+263 772 700 379

Mrs Sangweni


+263 772 897 221

Mrs  Marongwe

Conservation Agriculture

+263 772 735 060

Chipo Zvishiri                                 Small Grains  Specialist                

+263 777 645 974                          

Sibongile Mangena Tubers and Roots Specialist

+263 773 913 280

Fungai Gamu-Kunaka

Pulses Specialist

+263  772 363 395

Mrs Mwenge

Agro-forestry Specialist

+263  772 112 062

Tambudzayi  Pasipanodya Early Warning Unit Specialist

+263 774 394 272 

Rutendo  Nhongonhema

Chief Crops Specialist

+263 775 046 205