Pfumvudza is an approach from Foundations for Farming that is based on key principles of conservation agriculture. To achieve high yields all operations must be done to a high standard, without wastage (precision farming). Using the Pfumvudza input pack; it is possible to feed a family for a year from a minimum investment. The concept is a sustainable way of crop production intensification, whereby farmers concentrate resources on a smaller piece of land, resulting in higher productivity from lower investment, hence higher profit margin.

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Command Agriculture

Command Agriculture also called Special Maize Production for Import Substitution is a Government programme which was introduced in the 2016/2017 Summer Cropping season.

Its purpose is to enhance grain production and ensure that the country attains food self sufficiency and save on the much needed foreign currency.

For a farmer to participate in the program he/she must register with the district agritex office clearly stating the hectarage he/she intends to utilise under the program. Agritex then verifies the land and other facilities to arcetain the farmers capacity and capability to produce maize. After the verification is done the farmer is contracted and is issued with inputs that are enough to do the contracted hectarage. The farmer signs a Grain Marketing Board Sop Order form which enables it to effect deductions of the value of inputs given to the farmer from his/her proceeds. Only contracted farmers are issued with inputs.

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