Postharvest and Farm Structures

The agricultural value chain cannot be complete without giving attention to post harvest management. The branch of Post harvest and Farm structures thrives to minimize losses incurred by farmers during and after harvesting. This is achieved through    research, development, testing and trainings on post harvest management, trainings on new and improved post harvest technologies. 

Below are activities covered by the branch: Testing, adaptation and promotion of crop handling technologies. This includes the following;

  • Moisture testing technologies i.e salt test method which is more of a simple but reliable method without any capital investment. The use of moisture meter for testing moisture content levels of different types of grains to determine the required moisture content required for safe storage.
  • Training on metal silo on fabrication, use, maintenance and promotion thereof.
  • Training and promotion of improved granary that is the construction and management of the granaries.
  • Research on post harvest management technologies for different value chains, loss statistics and existing practices.

The department in partnership with GMB are looking into offering grain drying services. Thiswill be  done with 7 mobile 28 tonne capacity driers that are installed at GMB depots. The driers are at the following GMB depots: Lion’s Den,  Banket , Karoi, Chegutu, Concession, Murehwa and Kwekwe).Operational modalities are yet to be finalised between the department and GMB

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