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  • We are excited that you are visiting the website for the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture & Rural Resettlement. We have a lot of valuable information to help you in your endeavour whether you are an communal, A1 or A2 farmer, agro-dealer, investor, or an individual interested to know about our ministry and the agriculture sector. We are here to provide you with various agriculture services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Ministry of Lands, Agriculture & Rural Resettlement


    To be the bread basket of the SADC and COMESA regions by 2020.

    Mission Statement

    Promote and sustain a viable agricultural sector through the provision of appropriate agricultural infrastructure, mechanisation, technical, administrative and advisory services in order to optimize agricultural productivity to ensure food security.


    Provide technical, extension, advisory, regulatory and administrative services to the agricultural sector to achieve food security and economic development.



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